Photography and Media

Featured Story: Before panos with your iPhone, there was the Cirkut camera.

Featured photo – from the e-WV: The West Virginia Encyclopedia: “Rufus Ribble produced large panoramic pictures by using a wide-format Cirkut camera. The Cirkut camera, designed for taking photographs of large groups or landscapes, revolves on a geared tripod while exposing the film, making it capable of taking a continuous photograph that can capture a full 360-degree view. Photographs were made by contact printing of the full-size negative, with no enlargement, producing a sharp, clear image. The finished photograph, as printed by Ribble, was eight inches high and up to four feet long.” Ribble’s photos showed the diversity of the workforce in the coal mines and camps of West Virginia.

Bragg, Melody “Red Ribble.” e-WV: The West Virginia Encyclopedia. 22 October 2010. Web. 30 September 2015.

Panoramic Photo by Red Ribble from the West Virginia E-cyclopedia.

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